Zakład Rolniczo Przemysłowy “Farmutil HS” inc. is the pioneer of the reprocessing industry in Poland. It began its operations in 1982 as a small rendering plant employing a few people.
The company was founded by Henryk Stokłosa and it operated as a one-man business for many years. During intensive development and expansion in 2007 it was transformed into a joint-stock company.

The reprocessing activity began from one reprocessing institution PILUTIL which processed category 2 and 3 animal by-products. A major step forward was the creation of a second rendering plant EKOUTIL which was created to process category 1 animal by-products – materials of high and special risk. Further development was achieved by opening separate plants PILUTIL cat.2 and PILUTIL cat.3. Thanks to these investments the company gained the ability to produce all categories of derivatives i.e. cat.1, cat.2, cat3. At present the Rendering Plants in Śmiłowo are the most modern in Europe.

In order to increase the range of activities and improve efficiency in the late 90s of the twentieth century Intermediate Plants and Logistics Bases began to operate throughout the country. Currently our branches are located in Prusice (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship), Węgry (Opolskie Voivodeship), Miszewo Wielkie (Mazowieckie Voivodeship) and Oświęcim (Małopolskie Voivodeship). Such placement of plants ensures fast and efficient collection of animal by-products from every part of the country.

As a result of acquiring a large number of customers from the area of south-eastern Poland, in 2012 the Company started its production activity by launching a rendering plant in Leżachów, and then in 2019 the Rendering Plant in Wróbliku (Podkarpackie Voivodeship).

Also in 2012 answering the market’s demand a Biomass Production Plant was launched in Ciszewo (Wielkopolskie Voivodeship). Hay and straw pellets produced at that plant allowed to expand the offer of produced goods.

Presently, Zakład Rolniczo Przemysłowy “Farmutil HS” inc. employs 1000 people. It is a group of highly qualified manager specialists and experienced production workers thanks to whom our plants is continuously evolving.

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