Organization management systems

Zakład Rolniczo-Przemysłowy „Farmutil HS” inc. in Śmiłowo implemented and certified management systems that meet European standards, in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and the requirements of the System of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP.

The modernity of the plant is aided by additional system restrictions, transferred into internal procedures, quality policy and environment policy, which are currently supervised and verified by external accredited certification bodies. The maintenance and development of accepted standards is constantly ensured by the top management of the Company.

The system ISO 9001 functioning in the organization is focused on understanding and meeting customer requirements, and thus determine the needs concerningthe products, the adoption of a process approach, providing results of the processes’ effectiveness and their continuous improvement, based on objective measurements. The adopted Quality Policy guarantees among other things, the fulfillment of legal requirements – domestic and international, comprehensive, compatible with the needs of customer service, continuous technology development, proposed products and services with focus on cutting-edge solutions and continuous improvement of employees qualifications and skills.

According to the guidelines of HACCP system guarantee product safety by identifying and estimating the scale of threats, identifing methods for reducing or eliminating them and determining corrective actions. The HACCP system allows us to obtain and assure that the plant has done everything for the safety of the product in relation to the rules of good manufacturing practice, good hygiene practice and customer’s needs.

A functioning system ISO 14001 is an environmental management standard which gives confidence that the organization has identified its impact on the environment and is able to manage it, taking the socio-economic needs into account. It is committed to the objectives and tasks to help protect the environment and its resources while minimizing negative impacts on it.

Our assets, quality guarantee, safety, professionalism and constant striving for improvement, reflected on the goals and the trust of numerous customers cooperating with us.


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