Types of transport

A wide range of specialist vehicles allows us to provide reliable services of raw materials collection. As expected by customers applications are realized quickly and efficiently.

With a large number of various technical vehicles we can execute investments by means of in-house methods.


  • trailer vehicles with hook lifting devices
  • front and back loaded vehicles for collection by-products of animal orgin
  • specialized vehicles for collection of individual dead animals or collected in containers
  • tractors with trailers: dump trucks, boxed for transporting straw, low-loaders, waste removal insulated tanks, pressure insulated tanks
  • box truck up to 5 tons
  • sanitation trucks with insulated trailers
  • coaches and suburban buses
  • cranes to 20 tons
  • front loader and telehandler
  • concrete mixer
  • dump truck driven: 6×6, 8×4, 4×2
  • road sweeper
  • snowplow with expanding plow and ability to spray brine or spill salt or sand
  • manlift on truck bed or self-propelled
  • excavator
  • bulldozer
  • technical emergency service
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