Agro Pellets


The product made exclusively from natural, carefully selected raw materials from agricultural crops in the form
of straw or hay, pressed under high pressure and formed into pellets.

FormGranulated form of small pieces of hay or straw


Product designation:

  • energetic use
  • animal litter

Energetic use:

Agro Pellets are used in the production of energy and heat, heating of industrial facilities, residential
buildings, public buildings. The product successfully replaces traditional fuels.
Agro-industrial Plant „FARMUTIL” inc. is already working with the Polish power plants, which confirmed the use
value of the product in that respect.

ParameterUnits of measureValue
Qrw – Calorific ValueGJ/Mg14,0 – 15,0
Wrc – Moisture Content%< 15,0
Φ – Thicknessmm8,0

Animal litter:

Agro Pellets intended for animal litter is produced of 100% natural straw pure without additives, and adhesives.
During production, the raw material is subjected to air-thermal treatment. Straw is free of bacteria, fungi,
pesticides, mold, insects. Before production process all dust and grit is removed from straw.

Qualities of the product have already been confirmed by the leading poultry farms, cat and other small animals
breeders as well as horse breeders.

The most important advantages of the product include:

  • High absorption – a very high level of moisture absorption above 400%
  • Reduction of manure
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Perfectly absorbs smells and fumes of ammonia, reduces unpleasant odor
  • Easy to remove as organic waste
  • Rapid composting process
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Natural insulation – the animals are protected from cold and damp.

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