Thermal Energy Production Plant using Renewable Energy Sources

Thermal Energy Production Plant using Renewable Energy Sources is a modern installation for the thermal conversion of products, along with the recovery of heat energy.

While striving for the continuous development of our company, an idea was born to create a new plant, which would use the latest technology in order to produce clean energy, and which would constitute an alternative to the coal-fired boiler room used at that time.

The decision to construct it was made in 2017. The project was implemented a year later, while the commissioning of the installation was carried out in 2019.

This installation for the thermal conversion of products is one of the largest installations of this type in Europe.


The capacity of material processing in the combustion process amounts to
84 t/day. As a result of thermal conversion, the final product is obtained in the form of water vapour, the production of which is at the level of 15 000 kg/h.


This installation is equipped with two rotary combustion chambers, in which the material is initially broken down into solid and gas products. Solid products are removed from the installation via deslagging system and transferred for subsequent management. Then, the gas products are moved into the post-combustion chamber, where organic substances are thermally destroyed at high temperature and oxidised to the end products of combustion. Dimensions of the post-combustion chamber ensure the appropriate dwell time of the flue gases, in accordance with the standards – 2.5 seconds at a minimum temperature of 1100℃. Temperature in the post-combustion chamber is controlled with the use of a gas burner.


Stream of flue gases from the post-combustion chamber is directed to six steam boilers, divided into two technological lines, in which the recovered thermal energy is used to generate saturated steam, characterised by a working pressure of approximately 14 bar.

Environmental protection is our priority and therefore, in order to maintain its sustainable development, the Thermal Energy Production Plant has been equipped with a stationary automatic system for continuous monitoring of flue gas emissions. This system conducts measurements required by the governmental regulations, in accordance with the methodologies specified in the Regulation of the Minister of the Environment. Moreover, it is equipped with technologically advanced systems for eliminating harmful compounds from flue gases. This results in the fact that permissible emission standards for the required parameters are maintained in a continuous manner, in accordance with the permit.


The AMS monitoring system allows for the measurement and maintenance of the following parameters at the appropriate level:

  • NOx – the sum of nitrogen oxides (in conversion to NO2),
  • SO2 – sulphur dioxide,
  • CO – carbon monoxide,
  • O2 – oxygen,
  • CO2 – carbon dioxide,
  • dustiness,
  • speed (volume stream intensity),
  • temperature of flue gases,
  • pressure of flue gases,
  • humidity of flue gases,

While taking into account the safe effect on the environment, as well as the production of clean energy from renewable energy sources, we can conclusively say that this plant fulfills our expectations.

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